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Mechanical Seals

PPC Mechanical Seals was founded in 1958 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was one of the first mechanical seal companies to provide repair service on all types of seals. PPC then took the knowledge and experience it gained from repairing seals to design, engineer, and manufacture their own proprietary products.

Today PPC Mechanical Seals products are operating in some of the most demanding applications throughout the process industry. Customers large and small are utilizing the quality products produced by PPC, and relying upon the excellent service and support provided by our experienced staff. Sealing pumps, mixers, compressors, centrifuges, and other pieces of rotating equipment is routine for PPC.

PPC offers a complete range of seal designs including single and double cartridge seals, metal bellows seals, split single and double seals, as well as custom engineered seals.  Each is available in a broad range of materials and sizes.

PPC places a significant emphasis on “service”. Experienced and highly trained personnel are available 24/7.  Engineering, Sales, and Distributor personnel are capable of supporting, troubleshooting, and training on all aspects of mechanical seals.


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