1500 - Universal HD Cartridge Seal - Industrial Fluid Consultants Inc.

1500 - Universal HD Cartridge Seal


Cartridge Design

Versatile - Works well in both vertical and horizontal applications

Adaptable - Slotted gland fits most pumps, particularly in the ANSI line. API gland is available when specified.

Fast, Precise Installation - Cartridge design allows easy installation. Preset assembly virtually eliminates errors.

Balanced Seal Design - The 1500 is designed to handle higher pressures with minimal heat generation

Will not Damage the Sleeve or Shaft - Dynamic o-ring does not contact pump shaft or sleeve.

  • Temperatures -20°F to 400°F
    (Depending on Application & Materials)

  • Pressures to 300 P.S.I.G.
    (Depending on Size & Speed)

  • Speeds up to 3600 RPM


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