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ProActivity Overview

ProActivitySM is a program that identifies and eliminates inefficiencies in pump reliability, energy, and maintenance. It is based upon ITT’s unrivaled application knowledge and pump system expertise. And it has been proven time and again to deliver dramatic savings.

Are you overlooking a major savings opportunity?

Consider this fact: Pumps consume more energy than any other industrial equipment. What’s more, the average annual maintenance and operations spend on pumps is 50 percent greater than for any other rotating machine.*

Yet the full scope of these ownership costs is often unrecognized or seriously underestimated.

At ITT, we believe that companies who operate hundreds of pumps have a large—often multimillion-dollar—cost savings opportunity that they simply can’t afford to miss.

What is needed in these hyper-competitive times is a comprehensive, informed approach to managing pump operating costs—and the skilled resources to put the plan in action.

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