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ITT Inventory Services optimize storerooms for significant cost savings.

ITT Inventory Services uses our extensive pump system experience to collect, analyze and implement pump and parts inventory and supply chain improvements in your plant. Essentially, we map and streamline your entire repair part replenishment process. This leads to upgrades that generate a surprisingly large return on investment. Reducing your inventories of on-hand spares saves you the time and expense of controlling nonproductive materials. We achieve further savings through the implementation of innovative processes and by leveraging the total supply chain, including ITT’s extensive inventory, distributor inventories and ITT PRO Services locations.

There are four principal areas of focus:

Population Survey

  • Catalog installed base
  • Determine criticality
  • Evaluate condition

Inventory Optimization

  • Identify obsolete parts
  • Standardize parts and material
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Recommend parts list

Leverage the Supply Chain

  • Recommend sub-assemblies
  • Identify opportunities for vendor managed inventory
  • Define parts management agreements
  • Identify upgrade opportunities

Evaluate Material Handling Procedures

  • Recommended best practices
  • Integrate planned repair schedules

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