About Us - Industrial Fluid Consultants Inc.

About Us

Industrial Fluid Consultants was founded in 1994 and since then we have established ourselves as the pump and mechanical seal supplier of choice for many of our industrial partners.

IFC as a supplier has many years of experience in specifying, troubleshooting and servicing pumps and mechanical seals in all types of applications in various industries. We recognize that pumps and seals need to operate in harmony for superior trouble free life and we pride ourselves in fully understanding pumps and pumping systems. We use this understanding for proper application of pumps and seals and to troubleshoot existing systems.  As a partner, we can put dollars in your savings account as we have proven over and over, due to our knowledge; we are the lowest cost supplier to our industrial partners, anywhere...

Most people know us as a trusted world class supplier of process equipment and services like pumps, mechanical seals and parts….but customers also come to us to improve reliability, reduce energy costs, maintenance costs and downtime.

IFC personnel have testimonials from satisfied customers dating back many years and include the following:

  • Supplying special materials and mechanical seals on a cobalt filter press pump that saved customer over $80,000 yearly.
  • Advising customer on a direction as well as booster pump location to prevent mine flooding, using downsized equipment with fast availability.
  • Trouble shooting many tailings lines problems, advising customer of pinch points and providing pumping solutions.
  • Trouble shooting cooling water pumps and systems therefore isolating the problem. The recommended valve upgrade for reduced friction across valves as the solution, with energy savings as an added benefit.
  • De-bottlenecking customer plant by isolating the pump problem and providing a solution.

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