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Monitoring and Control

Improving Plant Profitability

Leveraging our 150+ years in process machinery design, manufacture, and operation, ITT Monitoring and Control has one goal - Improving the profitability of your plant. Our products and services target your biggest issues of process uptime, maintenance, and energy costs.

Our ProSmart systems provide continous, predictive monitoring for all of your rotating equipment at an exceptionally low price. With ProSmart, the focus of you Predictive Maintenance Program (PdM) can change from data collection to analysis and improvement activities. In addition, by continously monitoring your equipment, ProSmart can proactively warn you of onsetting machinery problems.

PumpSmart pump control systems provide real-time control and protection of your centrifugal pumps while also providing valuable process insight. By protecting against unplanned pump failure due to process upsets, we can keep your process running longer and eliminate unplanned repair activities. By Right-Sizing your pumps to your system, we can reduce not only your energy consumption, but the wear and tear on your process system.

  • PS200


    ITT / Goulds

    Industrial Strength Pump Control

    The workhorse of the PumpSmart family, the PS200 offers process control and pump protection in one easy-to-use package for virtually every industrial process ...

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  • PS75


    ITT / Goulds

    The PumpSmart PS75 is a technologically advanced system that provides integral soft-starting, protection against pump failure due to process upsets, and the ability to Right-Size your pump in one easy to use package ...

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  • Pro Smart

    Pro Smart

    ITT / Goulds

    The ProSmart® predictive condition monitoring system enables you to IDENTIFY and SOLVE problems before they impact production ...

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  • i-ALERT 2

    i-ALERT 2


    i-ALERT ®2 Condition Monitor

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