Custom In House and On Site Training for Industrial Pumps & Seals - Industrial Fluid Consultants Inc.


At IFC we offer in-house and on site training focusing on pump and mechanical seal applications and trouble shooting.

Some of what we cover includes:

  • Cover Basic Principles of How a Centrifugal Pump Works. Discuss NPSH, TDH, Brake Hp.
  • Review Understanding Pump Curves.
  • Discuss Proper Pump Selection.
  • Review RPM / Impeller Trim / Pump Performance / System Curve.
  • Discuss How Pump Selection Affects Operating Costs.
  • Review Basic Principles of How a Mechanical Seal Works.
  • Discuss Environment Affecting Mechanical Seal Performance.
  • Compare Various Mechanical Seal Designs.
  • Review Seal Accessory Options.

In conjunction with the training, we incorporate a training trailer designed for some visual hands on type training.

We simulate air entrainment, cavitation and demonstrations on what happens when you speed up or slow down the pump. We also demonstrate the effect of closing discharge and suction valves along with thorough examples of different seal flush plans. All of these demonstrations are visually presented thanks to a see through acrylic pump casing as well as transparent flush, suction and discharge lines.

Training is tailored to the audience; we can run this course for maintenance personnel, operators, planners and engineers.

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