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Horizontal Pumping Systems


Borets is developing, designing and manufacturing the horizontal pumping systems (HPS). The Borets HPS is a horizontal multistage centrifugal pump.


Features include:


  • a low suction pressure seal environment;
  • overhung bearing housing or thrust chamber;
  • diffuser style volute;
  • radial split housing;
  • side or top suction;
  • end discharge direct-coupled option;
  • near centerline mount double casing.

 Since the 1990’s it has been a reliable, cost-effective and versatile alternative to tradition high pressure pumps.  From simple water injection and disposal to more complex refinery, NGL and offshore service, the HPS can deliver up to 2,000 hp in a single unit. 

Cost-competitive and customizable for your specific needs, the HPS equipment requires less inventory and delivery time than traditional API 610 multistage, vertical turbine can and reciprocating pump equipment.

Engineered for reliability, modularity, and quick replacement of components, the HPS pump has a lower life cycle cost, thanks to minimized downtime and low maintenance requirement.  The result is a reliable, versatile and innovative pumping system.

Horizontal pumping system design is environmentally-safe and low-vibration. HPS are designed in accordance with the requirements of the Customer and could be used as:

  • Injection pumps in the formation pressure maintenance system;
  • Booster pumps;
  • Jockey pumps in the pipeline; 
  • Hydraulic drives:

and serve for:

  • Utilization of formation water;
  • Drainage;
  • Transferring the industrial liquids;
  • Transferring СО2 and liquefied gas.

  To increase the productivity of the HPS several units can be installed in parallel. During installation the laser alignment is used.

1. HPS with the direct motor drive:

This system requires minimum maintenance and could be an alternative to a lot of traditionally used pumps. This design is interchangeable with the majority of the today’s used HPS.


  • Designed according to customer technical requirements;
  • Has a wide range of the efficiency and pressure;
  • Thrust bearing is chosen individually for each pump;
  • Has a robust low-profile frame;
  • Has the universal-design pump intake;
  • Supplied with the vibration and pressure relay;
  • Supplied with the frequency regulator upon Customer’s request.


 2. HPS with a motor belt drive:

This system is the most flexible of the nowadays systems with the minimum pump base dimentions. That can significantly reduce the capital costs because it allows the Customer to use the in-stock motors.



  • Used with electric motors with 1500 or 3000 rpm;
  • Designed in accordance with the Customer requirements;
  • Provides an economy way to regulate the pump shaft rotation speed;
  • Provides an extended range of pump production and head
  • Thrust bearing is optimized for an extra load from the belt drive;
  • The operational characteristics of the pump is easily changed by interchanging belts and pulleys;
  • Universal-design pump intake;
  • Supplied with vibration and pressure relay;
  • Reduced length.


 3. HPS with the gas or diesel motor drive:

This unit is ideal to be installed in the remote places with no electricity, because it’s equipped with the natural gas, propane or diesel motors. The main advantage of this design is the rotation frequency regulation with an motor throttle that eliminates the need to use expensive frequency regulators.



  • Designed according to Customer technical requirements;
  • Provides an economy way to regulate the pump shaft rotation speed;
  • Extended range of pump production and head;
  • Thrust bearing is designed to hold extra load from the belt drive;
  • Supplied with clutch-type internal combustion motor;
  • Versatile pump intake;
  • Is equipped with the vibration and pressure relays;
  • In case of need is equipped with a reduction or increase gear.

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