Baseline - Industrial Fluid Consultants Inc.


(Phase 1)

The Baseline is a highly informative, one- to two-day engagement with ITT. The goal is to see if ProActivity can help you, while requiring only a bare minimum of your time and resources to find out. If we ascertain that optimizing the reliability, energy, and maintenance of your plant’s pumps will generate sufficient ROI for your company, ITT will make a formal proposal to move to Phase 2—Assessment.

The Baseline consists of data gathering, a plant walk-through, and questionnaires to be completed by key personnel. At this point, we are looking for broad metrics and system-wide data, not machine-level intelligence. Findings will be communicated to you in a presentation to your management team.

If the Baseline results in a recommendation to proceed to Phase 2, we will also present a detailed proposal outlining a course of action, including your ROI potential.

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