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Smart Control and Protection

PumpSmart PS220 provides the next level in intelligent pumping by using a standard variable frequency drive and directly embedding pump specific algorithms onto the drive.

The PS220 drive is a microprocessor based Direct Torque Controlled (DTC) adjustable speed AC drive.

Pump specific algorithms combined with the advantage of sophisticated high-performance control of AC motors make it the ultimate variable speed drive solution for any pumping application.

3-Year Reliability Challenge Program

ITT is proud to offer this innovative program that protects against pump failure that commonly results from inadvertent dry-running or operation against a closed discharge valve. If your Goulds pump fails while a PumpSmart Control product is on the job; we will provide the pump and seal repair parts free-of-charge, up to 3 years for a new Goulds pump or 18 months for an existing installed Goulds pump.

How PumpSmart Works


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