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MXQ  progressive cavity pumps are 100% Bornemann® equivalent (fit, form, and function).

MXQ progressive cavity pumps are self-priming, positive displacement pumps. They consist of two elements: the rotating eccentric screw and the stationary stator.  The rotor conveys the medium with low pulsation and vibration through the stator. The flow rate is proportional to the speed of rotation, so increasing the speed will increase the flow. Additionally, increasing the number of stages (rotor pitches) raises the pump pressure proportionally. The MXQ design allows pumping in both directions, a high suction lift, and low shear conveying. 

MXQ progressive cavity pumps are suitable for all sectors of industry for pumping and dosing thin to highly viscous, neutral, or aggressive media, with or without solid or fiber content.  The pump materials of construction will be based upon the application.  This wide range of media processing and various standard models offered means MXQ progressive cavity pumps can move almost anything.

  • Flow rates up to 1,400 GPM
  • Differential Pressure up to 360 PSI
  • Operating Temperature up to 356 ° F
  • Viscosity up to 1,000,000 cSt
  • Solid size up to 3” 
  • EH - Universal pump

    EH - Universal pump


    Horizontal pumps for low or high viscous, neutral or aggressive media, with or without fibres or solids, can be driven by all types of drivers ...

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  • EL - Compact pump

    EL - Compact pump


    Connected to the driver, short length, low weight, no separate baseplate, horizontal installation, for thin or high viscous, neutral or aggressive media, with or without solids, 1-stage (6 bar / 90 PSI) and 2-stages (12 bar / 180 PSI) ...

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  • EU - Submerged pump

    EU - Submerged pump


    Vertical, especially designed pump housing and joint shafts for individual application, for fluid or high viscous media, with or without solids or fibres ...

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  • EP - High pressure pump

    EP - High pressure pump


    For relatively low conveyed volumes at comparatively high pressures, for thick or thin media with or without solids or fibres ...

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