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The MixPro® VTM line of top entry belt drive agitators offers a significant cost savings in high production industrial environments. The unique features of the VTM design provides service personnel with easy access points for their routine maintenance. Also, the simplicity of the design allows for easy process changes and enables quick on- site repairs.


Features & Benefits

- Robust manufactured carbon steel bearing housing assembly is part of the flex-protected drive.
-The agitator drive head is available in a variety of configurations, matched to the specific application (ie. flange mount, plate mount, with or without tanks seal, etc.).
-When tank seals are used, the seal assembly is integrated with the agitator housing for positive alignment of the shaft.
-Heavy duty motor mount design to minimize deflection and vibration.
-SKF spherical roller bearings sized to accommodate the agitator service and maintain a minimum bearing L-10 life of 100,000 hours.
-Flex protected drive eliminates motor damage caused by excessive shock loading by isolating the dynamic and static loads of the wet end to the bearing housing, saving both downtime and capital costs.
-Smaller units (1.0"Ø and 1.25"Ø shafts) utilize poly v-belt drives while larger units (1.5"Ø shafts and larger) utilize non-proprietary ultra v-belt drives. Alternative belt drive sections (ie. HTD, conventional, etc.) are available upon request.
-Minimum service factor of the belt drive is 1.3. Greater service factors are available.
-Process flexibility can be achieved easily through a simple sheave change.
-Manufactured carbon steel OSHA shaft and belt guarding.


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