SM - Industrial Fluid Consultants Inc.


The MixPro® SM line of portable top entry agitators provide customers with a versatile agitation source for high production industrial environments. Available as a clamp mount, flange mount or plate mount, these rugged, gear driven units have proven themselves as reliable pieces of process equipment for small batch tasks. The compact design of the SM unit enables personnel to easily relocate the agitator.


Features & Benefits

-Robust parallel helical gearing provides a rugged, economical agitation solution.
-Optional mounting configurations (clamp, flange, plate) and tank sealing solutions (packed, mechanical, lip) are available upon request.
-The wet end is designed to match the process requirements and is available in a wide variety of metallurgies.
-The agitator drive has a minimum mechanical service factor of 1.5 and is available in 190, 270 and 350 rpm impeller speeds.
-Available in power ranges from fractional to 3 hp and in a variety of voltages.
-Lubricated-for-life bearings and reducer.


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