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Liquid Level Controller

The Yamada LLC-2Y Liquid Level Controller is a totally pneumatic system designed to automatically start and stop Yamada Air-Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps when the liquid level within a tank, sump, etc. reaches predetermined levels.An extremely versatile controller, the LLC-2Y can be used in both single and dual pump applications with any size or model Yamada pump. Used in a single pump configuration, it automatically controls either the filling or emptying of a tank or other vessel. When connected to two separate pumps, it will control both the filling and emptying of the tank. This dual pump capability is particularly useful for waste water storage, contaminated water clean up, and other applications where liquids are regularly transferred into and out of a single vessel.The LLC-2Y consists of a sophisticated air logic control valve housed in an impact-resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic enclosure. As the liquid level within the tank rises or falls, the subtle changes in pressure are transmitted through high and low level dip tubes to the air logic control valve. When the liquid level reaches a predetermined level (tubing is cut in the field to the preferred HIGH and LOW level points), the power valve supplying air pressure to the pump is turned ON or OFF as required.The LLC-2Y is capable of maintaining liquid levels in virtually any unpressurized vessel. Its liquid level control span ranges from a few inches to dozens of feet. For added convenience, it may be mounted up to 20 feet away from the pump.


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