GTC - Industrial Fluid Consultants Inc.


The MixPro® 'GTC' series of top entry gear drive agitators provides customers with a robust, reliable agitation source for high production industrial environments. The durable non-proprietary reducer utilizes in-line cycloidal gearing which is designed exclusively for abusive applications. Our popular 'GTC' series mixer utilizes process matched wet ends for optimum agitation solutions.The ruggedness of this unit has proven itself time and again in abusive applications, consequently minimizing downtime while maximizing productivity.This established MixPro® design is widely recognized by industry as a leader in top entry agitation equipment.


Features & Benefits

-Compact, in-line cycloidal gearing of the non-proprietary reducer provides for single reduction ratios up to 119 : 1
-Reducer design can withstand 500% shock load on the output shaft and gearing.
-At any time, over 2/3rds of the torque transmitting "teeth" are engaged for power transmission.
-Transmission components are of 52100 high-carbon chromium steel which is through hardened and tempered to Rockwell C63.
-Gear housings are manufactered from high quality cast iron.
-Output shaft is manufactured from high grade 1045 steel.


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