CBS Bearing Protector - Industrial Fluid Consultants Inc.

CBS Bearing Protector

Cartridge design allows quick, easy installation

Fits most bearing housings without modification

Positive drive. Rotary face is set screw driven

Heavy duty construction. Seal is not easily damaged during installation

No magnets to attract metal particles

Pressure capability to 15 PSI

Long life expectancy

Will not wear or fret shaft

Shaft surface finish is not as critical as it is for other seals

Can handle external pressure wash down.


Temperature rating: 250 F

Pressure rating: 15 PSI

Speed rating:

o 7/8”- 2-5/8”----------3600 rpm
o 2-3/4” – 4-7/8” -----1750 rpm
o 5” – 7”-----------------875 rpm

Allowable TIR:

o Axial: 0.015”
o Radial: 0.030, up to 4-7/8”
o Radial: 0.030, 5” to 7”


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